The Practice of Svadhyaya

I like it when I sleep through the night
I like hearing a thunderstorm
I love a good pair of slip-on shoes
I like sitting on the floor
I like driving by myself
I like clothes that don’t match
I love color
I love abstract art
I like the smell of old paperback books
I like atonal music
I love bare feet
I like silence
I like when my hair looks good on the 3rd day
I love looking into people’s eyes
I love dancing in my room by myself
I like simple notes
I love questioning
I like being able to put my hair in a knot
I like being alone with my mother
I like wearing one earring
I like being told I’m creative
I like teasing my sister
I love camping in the Fall
I like sunrises better than sunsets
I like the sound of birds before dawn
I love potatoes
I like going against the norm
I love original compliments
I like climbing trees
I love moving