As Anodea Judith frames it in Eastern Body, Western Mindthe muladhara root chakra gives us our sense of our “right to be here”.

To be here.

My straightforward understanding of that right is: I have a right to take up a volume of space with my matter. I have a right to exist in the separate and unique form of “Jen”.

Practically, this translates to thinking that I have a right to stand in a comfortable and safe spot on the metro. I can be in someone’s way for a bit at the grocery store, because I have a right to look at the spaghetti sauce in detail as much as they do. I’m not talking about blocking someone forever, or taking a seat away from someone, but the simple right to take up space in a public place.

In meditating on
my right to be here,
our right to be here,
the right to be here,

I find that each person also has the right to be here on the emotional or cultural plane as much as we do on the physical plane.

I have a right to be here: at this in-between stage of my career.
I have a right to be here: in a good partnership that is solid but not yet an engagement or a marriage.
I have a right to be here: in the beginning stages of understanding how to be here.

Through that right to be in all these in-between stages, I have a right to pride and comfort in what I may view as “shortcomings”, “inadequacies”, “longings”, the things still left on my to-do list.

“I can stand right here,” I think sometimes when I’m feeling awkward in a new cafe restaurant.

“I can be right here,” I now think, when I’m feeling unsure of my next move in life.


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