Early Mornings of Yoga & Eggs

July 9, 2010

I signed myself up for a 7 a.m. yoga series at Tranquil Space in Dupont Circle (Washington, DC) last week.

While my brain is a morning person, my body is much less so and this has been a challenge for me, but I guess that’s the point. I wanted to see how I felt after 4 days of morning classes and 4 days of getting up early. Truthfully I have yet to figure out the exact benefits from for me for early morning yoga, but who knows, maybe it’ll hit me on Saturday or Sunday?

Early Jen Hitt Egg Appreciation

However, one of the distinct perks of finishing yoga at 8:15 a.m. in Dupont was all the yummy places I could get eggs!!


Always have been…

Tuesday – Steam Cafe and Lounge

Everything bagel with egg, cheese, tomato and coffee

  • There is a serious dearth of good bagels in DC and this was no exception. The “everything” was not so thorough, it was more like someone tossed some sesame seeds at it and called it a day.
  • The eggs were home-scrambled: chunky and hearty with good bite and taste.
  • The cheese was shredded cheddar, which is a bit strange because it kept falling out
  • Coffee was solid
  • Price was a bit high for the simplicity of the meal, but in the Dupont range
  • The staff was friendly and I sat at the bar and made small talk about the heat, nice guys.

Wednesday – Soho Tea and Coffee

Croissant with egg, cheese, tomato and coffee

  • The croissant was fresh but nothing spectacular
  • The eggs were done on the griddle, salt and pepper thrown in while cooking and the eggs folded on top of the slice of cheese
  • combined with the tomato this resulted in a sandwich of cheesy, yummy goodness that didn’t fall apart.
  • The coffee was really strong, perfect for starting the day
  • Price was just right for the tastiness of this meal.
  • The staff was fun and super nice, they made me smile. One woman left something on the counter and the guy ran out to give it to her. Several regulars came in while I was there and the staff had their order memorized already.
  • If I hadn’t been trying out new places I would’ve gone back the rest of the week.

Thursday – Kramerbooks and Afterwards Cafe

I have been to Afterwards for weekend brunch, but not for regular breakfast… the menu is pretty much the same only about $5 cheaper per plate and they don’t serve those cute little muffins.

Scrambled eggs, cheese grits, biscuits, sausage, side of tomato, and coffee

  • The eggs were the weird diner scrambled – clearly cut with butter or water or milk, not very chunky or hearty, overall average.
  • The biscuits had good buttery flavor but were small and lacked that home cooked feel
  • The grits were terrible. I am a grits fiend and will eat them dry, wet, spiced, plain, etc, but these I could not eat. Perhaps the cheese they used that day was a bit off.
  • $3 for 3 slices of tomato…. really?!?
  • The sausage and coffee were both just fine
  • I told the server I didn’t like the grits, explained I was a “grits fiend” and he ended up taking $2 off the bill. So that was nice. He was very friendly and his smile made my morning a bit better.
  • Overall I’d stick to the fancier things on their brunch menu, like the avocado tomato Benedict, which I love.

Friday – Luna Grill and Diner (on Conn. Ave.)

Veggie Breakfast Wrap with homefries and coffee

  • This was a very filling breakfast, the eggs were a bit bland despite have bell pepper, tomato and cheese. I didn’t taste the cilantro listed on the menu.
  • Homefries came with way too much orange-colored seasoning on them, but they were cooked well
  • Coffee was good and refilled promptly
  • The staff was very nice, attentive, and fast
  • This is definitely a better option for a sit-down weekday breakfast than Kramerbooks both in price and atmosphere.

That’s all for my egg adventures, I’d say my favorite by far was Soho, I’m definitely hitting them up next time I’m in Dupont for breakfast.